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Tea Bag Packaging Items

Tea & Coffee Filter Papers

The fibers we select are 5-10 times stronger, which when coupled with our unique methods in production, permit combinations of properties that are normally not available in conventional papers such as its low weight, high porosity, firm and smooth folding, heat-sealed ability and great strength and dimensional stability, both in the wet and dry state. The superior conformability characteristics and excellent bond in fibers in these papers make them ideal for Double Chamber and Single Chamber production, as well as unconventional pouch-shaped and machinery design applications.

The natural virgin fibers include wood fiber, thermoplastic fiber (PP), and the main chemical products include disperser agents (PEO), bleaching agents (NaCLO2 or H2O2) and wet-strength agents (PPE or PAE). We are proud to certify that NO Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) content is used in our manufacturing process.

Non Heat Sealable Filter Paper: Mainly consisting of wood fibers, including Oxygen-bleached or unbleached pulp and Abaca fibers, this paper has advantages of penetration and filtration as aperture construction, and is designed to be convert efficiently on all types of packing machines. These papers are either available in the sizes of 94mm and 103mm, or could be custom made to suit your needs.

It should be noted that all our products comply with the latest food health standard for packing papers in China (GB11680-1989 GB3561-1989).

Heat Sealable Filter Paper: This variety is a paper made of oxygen-bleached or unbleached raw materials and is therefore environmentally friendly. This is a two-layered paper, the filtration layer and the sealing layer. Depending on customer requirements, the filtration layer may consist of various combinations of abaca fibers, wood pulp and cellulose rayon fibers. The sealing layer can also vary in composition and be made of food grade polyethylene mixed with food grade polypropylene (there is absolutely no Epichlorohydrine in the filter paper either).

The various combinations of natural and synthetic fibers found in their filter papers have been optimized to provide high strength at the sealing joint and the excellent cut-ability unique to heat-sealed filter papers. These papers are available in the sizes of 87mm, 125mm, 130mm, 140mm, 524mm, 526mm, 528mm, 530mm, and even in a custom made size to suit your requirements.

Tea Bag Thread

A brand close to the heart for the founders, Teeba is a brand of Tea Bag Thread that is made out of staple fiber yarns, filament or monofilament yarns. These threads are designed and developed targeting high breaking strength, ensuring maximum productivity on all types of packing machines.

Teeba is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product with a high efficiency in the thread making process, allowing the product to be supplied as a cost-effective solution its end buyers.

Teeba threads come in tailor made packages and is sold by the weight of the string (0.50kg and 0.90kg) or the length of the string (5,000mtrs and 10,000mtrs).

Tea Bag Staple Wire

Providing the very best the industry has to offer to their clientele, AluWire Tea Bag Staple wire was produced at the highest quality, meeting the high standards of packing machines in the industry. We are able to customize the wire according to your specific requirements, which makes this product an incredibly versatile one and can be used on all types of machines available currently in tea bag manufacturing plants.

The wire is made out of 97% of Aluminum (Min) and measures 0.5mm on the wire gauge. This wire is then packed in 2-2.5kg spools before being shipped to their ultimate destination.

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